The traditional pride, dignity, and characteristics of any society are its cultural heritage. Lagos culture is one of the most interesting cultures one will like to experience his/her lifetime.

Lagos State, the commercial capital of Nigeria, the center of the buzz, third-largest in Africa and the undisputed center of excellence, has been on the rise in the past few years. All along, Lagos State had been wearing a new look with air a of positivity blowing across all facets of life. It is against the backdrop of this rejuvenation and zest that employed Lagos that we intend to introduce a non-political inclined and innovative beauty pageant titled: “FACE OF LAGOS BEAUTY PAGEANT” designed to assist the government in choosing a young, beautiful, brainy and worthy female ambassador with full cultural heritage as well as keeping the vision of Mega-City alive, through entertainment.

The Face of Lagos Beauty Pageant is an Educative and informative project aimed at exposing the rich cultural heritage of Lagos State. The winner will act as a bridge among the State/Local governments of the state and help to showcase the cultural heritage its teaming young female populace in promoting social events, health, and other well-meaning programs.

Local Government and Local Council Development Areas Audition Stages will birth each Council representative.

This stage includes a familiarization tour of the contestant’s Local Government or Local Council Development Area. It will include quiz competition about Lagos State among the contestants which proceed to the grand finale.

SMS voting advantage: Partnering Organization or Sponsors are expected to take advantage of this stage to communicate and promote their brands’ effectiveness and incomparable services to their customers/clients and prospective clients based on the sponsorship category selected. The partnering Bank will have the opportunity to be the rearing banks for the entire registration process and the proceeds for the event will be domiciled with the Banks.

Grand Finale: This is the stage where the winner will be crowned and presented as the winner. Organizations will also have the opportunity of promoting their products and services, in print, electronic, news media, and our website, branded items which include winner’s prizes.

Our Vision

Propagating the rich cultural heritage of Lagos State to the world through a non politically inclined means of entertainment.


Our Mission

To create a better perception of the government’s effort in sanitizing the state through active participation of young people with the means of distinctively packaged professionalized and creative entertainment projects to boost our cultural heritage.


Our Objective

To promote cultural heritage and create a platform for young elegant and talented people living in Lagos to showcase their leadership endowments hence giving them the utmost sense of belonging they deserve.

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